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We live in an AI-powered world, it is changing the way we work and live, every job function will be affected by AI in near future, if not already. AI is computer systems doing things that normally need human intelligence. Computers learn through repetition and need good data.

According to McKinsey Global Institute 400-800 Million jobs will be displaced worldwide by 2030, whereas 555-890 Million jobs will be created by 2030.

While Automation and AI will lift productivity and economic growth, millions of people worldwide will need to switch occupations or upgrade skills.

In this course our learners work on projects that exposes them to areas where we have seen most usage of AI & ML to date. For example:

  • Visual inspection, image classification & object recognition
  • Speech and handwriting recognition (like smart speakers)
  • Self-driving cars & reinforcement learning
  • Smart Chatbots

These projects enable learners to learn all aspects of AI & ML in a FUN and engaging way! They:

  • Gather and prepare data
  • Choose, evaluate & train the models
  • Learn from predictions and further fine tune them


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