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Project-based learning

Students learn by designing, building & coding FUN projects

Small Class Size

Low Instructor-to-Student Ratio

Computational Thinking

Logical Thinking, Critical Reasoning & Problem Solving

Enhance Cognitive Skills

Hand-eye co-ordination, Self-esteem, Confidence & Presentation Skills

Wize Computing Academy in the UAE

Programs at the Wize Computing Academy follow K–12 Computer Science Standards and are designed to meaningfully extend STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math) learning and expanding a child’s mind through the development of critical thinking, logic and reasoning skills. We prepare your students to be the innovators, educators, leaders and learners of the 21st century!

We have partnered with AES Academy to bring our world-class programs to the UAE

What are families saying about us!

Tayton is truly hungry to learn coding. He tells me each week that he’s excited for the next class. He says he wishes there was more time in class to share his work. So this is great news to hear you have noticed his work. I appreciate the feedback.

Lisa Case

"My seven-year-old has loved his coding class with Wize Academy. It is a perfect combination of hands-on-learning in an atmosphere where the kids can be silly and creative. We've done it twice and plan to sign up again!"

Canem (parent of 7 yr old)

[My son] has been having so much fun with these classes and LEARNING! Highly recommend.

Lisa (parent of 11 yr old)

Phil and his team are amazing, great to work with and patient! Both of my boys have taken courses through Wize Computing Academy and enjoy it thoroughly and have learned so much. This school year both my sons, (6 & 8) learned how to code and my oldest learned how to 3D design and print. We are very grateful for the opportunities they offer!!

Janie (parent of 6 & 8 yr old)


Wize Computing Academy has been such a blessing to our families and students. It has provided an opportunity for our students to take their problem solving skills and apply them through a project-based approach to learning. Our students are better digital citizens, collaborators, communicators, and designers because of the classes that they have taken through Wize. It has been a joy to see our students become more empowered through the skills and lessons they have learned through robotics and coding.


Chelsea (Grammar School Principal)

Grammar School Principal

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